Let us introduce ourselves

Owner / Consultant
Beth Ettinger

Meet Beth, or as our client’s call her, “our hero”. Beth has over two decades experience in lean/process implementation, programming, management training, legal database software workflows and business development. Beth has also worked in various law firms for many years while functioning as their Drafting Coordinator and Director of Operations.

john rehbein, ettinger consulting, certified actionstep consultant
Owner / Consultant
John Rehbein

John has over a decade experience in coding, programming, legal database software, graphic design and business management. John, too, has worked in multiple law firms for several years in client development and serving as their client educational director.

melissa finnicum, ettinger consulting, certified actionstep consultant
Office Manager
Melissa Finnicum

Melissa is your first point of contact to our office and has many years of experience in customer relations, office management and just simply…keeping everyone happy. She’s our rockstar. Melissa has worked in a law firm for several years and knows not only the consulting side, but the legal side as well.