Our Beginnings

Ettinger Consulting was founded after working in a law firm.  We learned the frustrations of the back office management process and knew that there must be a better way.  We were right.

We are trained in lean and business management to help you support the process that you implement into your Actionstep legal database.  Our goal for you is standardization and workflows so that every client receives the same amazing customer experience, no matter they type of legal service they require or who in your firm is assisting them.

Our Expertise

We have 54 years of combined experience in business operations, legal work, lean management, legal software programming, customer service, and coaching teams.

Our Innovation

We have found that working “inside the box” is too restricting. We think outside the box and develop solutions and workflows that work for you based on YOUR goals.

Our Honesty

We tell you yes or no whether something can be done. We charge flat fees. We keep you in the development process. This is YOUR project that we are supporting you in.

Your success
is our success

Modifying or overhauling your company’s internal workflows and legal database can be a daunting and overwhelming task. We have years and years of experience to hold your hand through this and guide you through what works and what doesn’t.

Our experience working in several industries, including law firms, has given us a behind-the-scenes look into the struggles of operations and allowing us to relate and help in an efficient manner.

Let us introduce ourselves

Owner / Consultant
Beth Ettinger
john rehbein, ettinger consulting, certified actionstep consultant
Owner / Consultant
John Rehbein