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What is Actionstep?

Powerful legal practice management software.

Handle all your front and back office needs from one system. You can even use it to manage marketing, sales, employees, passwords, and more.  Generate complex documents and emails with the click of a button, auto-assign tasks, receive automated reports, and exceed your client’s expectations.

Actionstep puts a powerful workflow system at the heart of your matters in a series of steps and decision trees. Automate your firm, and rest assured that nothing will get missed.

  1. One system to run your entire law firm!
  2. Case management, document generation, billing, tasks, calendars

Actionstep. Your Solution!

Give your clients a unique contact record, assign them to matters, and maintain a complete picture of your entire history with each individual client.

Our firm believes in Actionstep so much, that it’s the only software we support!

Actionstep offers a free trial for you to experience the “intelligent” platform for yourself!
Contact us, and we will show you!  Schedule Your Free Discovery Meeting


The most powerful feature.

workflow (n) : the sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process // improving office workflow


Automate your firm using Workflow!  Workflow is the key to transforming your law practice into an efficient business. You can create a unique set of steps and tasks for each matter type, automate each step to collect information, assign tasks, and make sure everything is checked off before moving to the next step. Delegate work to your staff with the assurance that everything will be done according to plan.

Ettinger Consulting will customize your workflow to reflect your internal processes for a seamless integration.

Integrates with Microsoft Office seamlessly!
(Mac plugin coming soon)

“We are very impressed with Actionstep Software. It has made our firm more mobile, more secure and better able to service our clients. Its an excellent and affordable system for the small to medium law practice. The document prorogation is extremely useful and the compliance aspect is invaluable.

All in all, value for money wise its excellent. The case management system is excellent and helps to make the whole office efficient. The system is easy to operate and support first class. The software is fully integrated with online services, it works seamlessly with Office 365. Not just the software, we have also found their team extremely professional and helpful. Excellent support and services. We highly recommend Steven Blundell. He is very understanding, highly knowledgeable and dedicated to provide bespoke support. ”