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Our Services
Actionstep Customizations

We help you customize your Actionstep Workflows to support your internal process through steps, document automation/generation, tasks, calendaring and reporting.

Virtual Assistant

Are you running out of time to make those appointment confirmation calls and sending letters or emails?  Your desk keeps piling up and your stress level goes up with with it!  Let us help!  >>> read more

Business Consulting

We can help you find the blind spots in your processes and business practices to streamline them creating less stress, standardization and increased revenue.

Document Automation

Actionstep’s document automation features pull live data from your legal matters and insert it into pre-configured documents or email templates at the click of a button.  Avoid re-entering the same data and save potentially hundreds of hours per year.

Lean Management

We help you do more with less.  Before you ever hire someone, call us!  We can show you how to free up Attorney and team member time allowing for a higher capacity workload for everything without creating more work!


We will train your firm in Actionstep, processes, business management, reporting and anything else that will ensure your firm is streamlined and successful.