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Henry Ford’s Impact On Your Firm

Did you know that when Henry Ford unveiled the first assembly line for production of his vehicles in 1913, he reduced the amount of time it took to make a car from 12 hours to 2.5 hours?

Okay, that’s great to know…but what does that have to do with my law firm?

Everything! He didn’t settle for the excuse, “that’s how it’s always been done.” He pushed forward and developed a more efficient process that revolutionized the production industry. He made a process…and with that process, he was able to increase capacity significantly without increasing staff overhead.

Actionstep allows you to reinvent your firm. We can help you develop a strategic and well-thought-out process that will help you increase capacity within your firm. Then…we can implement that process into Actionstep and let Actionstep do the work for you. Instead of spending seven minutes preparing a routine letter to a client, you can decrease that time to about 30 seconds. Check out this post to read more about that.

Let us help revolutionize the assembly line in your office.

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