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Generating Documents in Actionstep

We always hear, “Generating documents in Actionstep cannot be as simple as you are saying…there’s always a catch.”

It really IS that easy. We want to show that to you in the video below.

With document generation, instead of spending five minutes to prepare one confirmation letter, you can spend 30 seconds…and it doesn’t need to be approved by an Attorney because the template is already approved. This simply fill in the customized data in the letter making it appear personalized to the client.

Let’s do the math: Let’s say you prepare three confirmation letters per day, three times per week. At five minutes per letter, that is 39 hours per year…just on CONFIRMATION letters. With Actionstep, you can reduce that time to 3.9 hours. (You just freed up 4.39 WORKDAYS of staff time) Imagine adding the additional time together on all the other letters you prepare as well. This also applies to court documents. They are just as easy to generate! You have increased the capacity in your firm without adding staff.

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