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Virtual Assistants for the busy attorney!

Kick your law firm into gear
with a Virtual Assistant.

Are you running out of time to make those appointment confirmation calls and sending letters or emails?  Your desk keeps piling up and your stress level goes up with with it!  Let us help!

  1. Reduce appointment no-shows and increase engagements
  2. Engage clients even after they’ve left your office
  3. Confirmation letters, emails and calls happen without you worrying about it

Your Virtual Assistant.

To a client, they will never know the difference between someone in your office and your “Virtual Assistant”.  The process and integrations are seamless!

Go from zero to hero with your firm’s client experience!

Ettinger Consulting saved us so much time that allowed us to take on more clients!  I would recommend them to anyone.

(New York Law Firm)


It’s your firm,
take control.

Delegating is every professional’s secret to success.  Ettinger Consulting can be yours!

Let us take work off you.  We will call the client with a courtesy reminder of their appointment tomorrow, send them their confirmation and follow-up letters, send customized emails that are approved by you!

We also can answer your phones, schedule appointments, and field calls.
*VoIP mobile app required.

Did we mention that we have all worked in Elder Care law firms for many years, so we understand the client’s needs?!

You’ll be amazed at your newly clean desk!

I didn’t even have to worry about that stuff anymore.  Ettinger Consulting handled everything and my clients were really impressed at how my office’s communication with them improved!  Thanks guys.

(California Law Firm)

Our Virtual Assistants are…

Smart, motivated, friendly and they log the time that they work…no more…no less!

The Virtual Assistants represent Ettinger Consulting and perform at the standards you would expect from us because we are representing you!

Only $35 per hour*.  This saves you the hassle of hiring someone, training them, and trying to find enough work for them beyond what we could do for you.

*$26 per hour if we have developed or are developing an Actionstep workflow for you.

Get started today with a free Discovery Meeting!

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